Computer Activity Monitor Software

Recent observation shows that monitoring employee activities during office working hours has proved to be very helpful for an organization. Many organizations across the world are following this practice in order to safeguard their business interests. Once you start monitoring your employee’s computer activities, it gets lot easier for you as a Manager to scan any kind of business abuse or illegitimate activities conducted in the office by any of the employee. Today this task can be accomplished using powerful Employee Desktop Live Viewer software that has got the ability to deliver effortless computer activity monitor solution. All that you have got to do is just install this computer activity monitoring software go for surveillance mission of all computer desktop activities connected to one another over a LAN.


In recent times, it has been found that organizations suffer from low productivity as employees don’t invest their fullest efforts in business work. The research shows the reason for low productivity is either due to involvement of employees in doing some illegal activities over the net or visiting some vulnerable or porn sites or surfing personal emails. The best action that can be taken to protect your organization from this biggest threat is to use an effective desktop activity monitoring tool. Monitoring computer activities of employees helps you in increasing your business output and employee efficiency as well. .

With computer activity monitor software; this problem of work misconduct is easily solved as one is able to trace all the ongoing LIVE desktop activities. Sense of being monitored make employees conscious of their time utilization, and this exercise it helps in boosting productivity and increasing outputs.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer allows you to monitor and manage multiple computers simultaneously. Even computers having dual monitors can also be monitored with it. The best aspect about this tool is it facilitates you with a complete control over employee computer. As an admin or manager, you can successfully perform different tasks like Locking, Restarting, Shutting down or even Logging off Computers. Apart from that the tool facilitates you to perform other act like Start Screen Saver, Remove Wallpaper from the monitored computer.

Online and Offline recording is distinguished feature of free computer activity monitoring software. Thus, as a user with this utility you have got the ability to record LIVE activities of employee using these recording options. Apart from that the offline recording facility of this computer monitoring software facilitates you to schedule particular time for recording in your absence. Therefore, there is no need for an individual to be physically present for Offline recording. Recording is saved in .AVI file format. Furthermore, free monitoring software lets you schedule different offline recordings for different target computers.

Free monitoring software is fully companionable with all versions of Windows OS, including latest Windows 8/8.1. With downloading, two setup files - Viewer and Agent comes. Viewer is installed on admin computer and Agent is installed on employee target computer(s).

Free Evaluation Available

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is available for FREE download. Though, it is important to keep in mind that the evaluation version of this utility will register and monitor one computer for 7 days and create 5 minutes movie of recorded activities. Therefore, in order to avail its service and monitor any number of computers at a time after the completion of trial period, it is important that you purchase the full version of this computer monitoring software.